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PORSCHE - 911 - 3.2 CABRIO


Marca PORSCHE Tipo di auto Cabrio/Roadster Guida Sinistra
Modello 911 Condizione Restaurato Trazione Posteriore
Versione 3.2 CABRIO Carburante Benzina Cambio Manuale
Anno 1986 KM 131936 Colore Rosso
Marca PORSCHE KM 131936
Modello 911 Guida Sinistra
Versione 3.2 CABRIO Carburante Benzina
Tipo di auto Cabrio/Roadster Trazione Posteriore
Condizione Restaurato Cambio Manuale
Anno 1986 Colore Rosso
Modello 911
Versione 3.2 CABRIO
Anno 1986
Tipo di auto Cabrio/Roadster
Condizione Restaurato
Guida Sinistra
Trazione Posteriore
Carburante Benzina
Cambio Manuale
KM 131936
Colore Rosso


PORSCHE 911 3.2 CABRIO - Year 1986


The Porsche 911 is a sports car produced by Porsche since 1963.
It is still in production today, and has undergone many changes over the years.
However, two basic series can be distinguished: the 911s with an air-cooled engine (1963-1997) and the "modern" 911s (1998 to today).
In 1984 the 911 SCs gave way to the 911 Carrera 3.2, these 911s almost unchanged aesthetically (apart from the small rectangular fog lights, now integrated in the front spoiler, standard and not only optional) and the optional rear wing with a different profile.
This new 911 takes the name "Carrera" and reserves important technical innovations in the mechanical part: displacement increased to 3164 cm³, electronic fuel injection instead of mechanical fuel and 231 HP.
The Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 was produced in coupé, targa and convertible versions in about 85,000 units up to 1989. In 1987 the new improved G50 transmission was proposed to replace the 915 type transmission and the hydraulic clutch. The red rear band now also includes the rear fog lights.

Our car is an American version. Registered for the first time in Italy in 1993 with MN plates.
The car has the Certificate of Origin and the "Use and Maintenance booklet".
The last owner was a professional and passionate mechanic, and he totally restored it on its own.
As an optional of the time it has the electric hood, cruise control and air conditioning, it also has electric seats.
This Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet is a perfect car in everything!

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