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Marca LANCIA Tipo di auto Cabrio/Roadster Guida Sinistra
Modello Aurelia Condizione Restaurato Trazione Posteriore
Versione B24 CONVERTIBLE Carburante Benzina Cambio Manuale
Anno 1958 KM 46336 Colore Grigio
Marca LANCIA KM 46336
Modello Aurelia Guida Sinistra
Versione B24 CONVERTIBLE Carburante Benzina
Tipo di auto Cabrio/Roadster Trazione Posteriore
Condizione Restaurato Cambio Manuale
Anno 1958 Colore Grigio
Modello Aurelia
Anno 1958
Tipo di auto Cabrio/Roadster
Condizione Restaurato
Guida Sinistra
Trazione Posteriore
Carburante Benzina
Cambio Manuale
KM 46336
Colore Grigio





In the 1950s, the combination of elegance and sportiness that made the Turin manufacturer famous throughout the world was strengthened. Lancia style is expressed in a memorable car such as the Aurelia B20 GT, a berlinetta with refined and powerful mechanics, from which the splendid Aurelia B24 Spider derives.
In 1954 Pinin Farina, who had already contributed defining the lines of the Aurelia Granturismo, "dresses" the mechanics of the B20 creating an equally elegant spider that immediately met with great success in the American market.
By shortening the chassis of the fourth series B20 and with a few changes to its 2,451 cc 6-cylinder, the Aurelia B24, one of the most beautiful spiders ever, comes to life. The Aurelia B24 Spider was produced in 1955 alone in a total of 240 units: 59 with right-hand drive and 181 with left-hand drive (marked B24S, where the S indicates left-hand drive). This sophisticated spider is characterized by a long air intake on the engine hood and "wing" bumpers, which on the front contribute to enhancing the iconic shield grille, emblem par excellence of the Lancia. The setting of the car is absolutely original: the passenger compartment is practically grafted between the long rear trunk and the engine hood, but the B24 Spider also stands out for its low doors, which leave room for a high sill, embellished with a band chromed.
The purity of its lines is further accentuated by the absence of handles on the outside of the doors.
Inside, the three circular instruments are grafted onto the dashboard with the large speedometer in the center, just above the steering column. The beautiful three-spoke aluminum steering wheel, with wooden crown, embellishes the whole.
The Lancia Aurelia B24S Convertible is considered one of the most beautiful car ever built, for sure it is an icon of the Dolce Vita and of Italian design.


One of the 195 Aurelia B24S Convertibles built in 1958.
The proposed model is in excellent condition, in the fine metallic gray combination and burgundy red leather interior. The car has recently been restored both in bodywork and mechanics by specialists of the brand.
The paint has no scratches or traces of rust, the black top is also free of tears and works perfectly.
The engine has been overhauled and maintained in full working order by its last owner.
Many mechanical parts have been replaced or restored and today, this Aurelia B24, thanks to correct compression, is able to express the same performance on the road as it had when new.
The interior features sumptuous burgundy red upholstery which has been restored to perfection. The beautifully preserved dashboard also exhibits its original instrumentation in perfect working order, as does the splendid three-spoke wooden steering wheel.
The equipment of this fascinating B24 S Convertible is completed by the iconic Borrani spoked wheels, a real must for lovers of this model.
This car is eligible for major historical re-enactments, including the Mille Miglia and can parade in the most important contests of elegance.
This Aurelia B24 S Convertible represents an excellent opportunity to own one of the most elegant and technically advanced cars of its era as well as being a superlative complement to any collection of vintage cars.
Today its prices are on a slow but costant rise, unlikely to lose value.

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