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LOTUS - Esprit - 3


Marca LOTUS Tipo di auto Coupé Guida Sinistra
Modello Esprit Condizione Condizioni originali Trazione Posteriore
Versione 3 Carburante Benzina Cambio Manuale
Anno 1984 KM 22988 Colore Grigio
Marca LOTUS KM 22988
Modello Esprit Guida Sinistra
Versione 3 Carburante Benzina
Tipo di auto Coupé Trazione Posteriore
Condizione Condizioni originali Cambio Manuale
Anno 1984 Colore Grigio
Modello Esprit
Versione 3
Anno 1984
Tipo di auto Coupé
Condizione Condizioni originali
Guida Sinistra
Trazione Posteriore
Carburante Benzina
Cambio Manuale
KM 22988
Colore Grigio


LOTUS ESPRIT 3 - Year 1984



Frame n. SSCC079907CHH10403
Engine n. CD907820220085
Max power 119 kW (162 hp) at 6500 rpm
Max speed 222 km / h
Rear Drive (RWD)
5-speed manual gearbox
Black plate, Bologna


The history of this model combines the Made in England motoring tradition with a pinch of Italian pride. In fact, the car was born from a project by Giorgetto Giugiaro, contacted in the early 1970s to give shape to a compact, light and futuristic two-door.
That said, the Silver Car prototype was presented at the Turin Auto Show in 1972, and was then reintroduced in Geneva the following year as Esprit.
In 1981 the third generation was presented to the market, distinguished by the same color scheme for the bumpers. The interiors were completely renovated, the soundproofing system was made 50% more effective than the previous one. The design of the wheels echoed the Essex motif, a reference almost replicated by the Turbo variant. The new version only had the 2.2 engine.
At the 1987 London Motor Show an HC version appears, different from the Turbo for the higher compression ratio. The power goes up by another 5 horses, for a total of 215.
The Esprit makes an appearance in the movie Pretty Woman, it is the car in which Richard Gere meets Julia Roberts and in Basic Instinct, in which Sharon Stone has 2 identical ones, one white and one black to match the different styles of clothing.
It was produced in various versions for over 28 years, for a total of approximately 11,000 units.

- Regular documents
- Car in excellent condition of bodywork and mechanics
- Engine subjected to periodic reviews
- Original and fully functional instrumentation
- Well preserved black leather and fabric seats
- Exterior moldings, badges and lettering in excellent condition
- Looking like new


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