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PORSCHE - 356 - B T6 Notchback Karmann Coupe


Marca PORSCHE Tipo di auto Coupè Guida Sinistra
Modello 356 Condizione Restaurato Trazione Posteriore
Versione B T6 Notchback Karmann Coupe Carburante Benzina Cambio Manuale
Anno 1962 KM - Colore Bianco
Modello 356 Guida Sinistra
Versione B T6 Notchback Karmann Coupe Carburante Benzina
Tipo di auto Coupè Trazione Posteriore
Condizione Restaurato Cambio Manuale
Anno 1962 Colore Bianco
Modello 356
Versione B T6 Notchback Karmann Coupe
Anno 1962
Tipo di auto Coupè
Condizione Restaurato
Guida Sinistra
Trazione Posteriore
Carburante Benzina
Cambio Manuale
KM -
Colore Bianco


The notchbacks actually started out from the factory as cabriolets. The first built 1961 Karmann notchback T5’s were Reutter cabriolets that had hard tops welded on permanently. A total of 2290 of these cars were built. These were the very first Porsche’s built by Karmann, but were not badged on the right side fender until the T6 models. The unique “Karmann hardtop” or “notchback” 356 B model was produced in 1961 and 1962. The 1961 production run was essentially a cabriolet body with the optional steel cabriolet hardtop welded in place. The 1962 line (T6 production) was a very different design in that the new T6 notchback coupé body did not start life as a cabriolet, but with its own production design—In essence, part cabriolet rear end design, part T6 coupe windshield frame, unique hard top. Both years of these unique cars have taken the name “Karmann Notchback”. This particular Notchback with chassis number 202199 was built January 3rd, 1962 and was the first built in that year. Of this series only 55 cars are still believed to exist. Fitted with 1600s 75 HP engine with number P705906. This beauty is in a bone white colour and has a Napa leather luxor beige interior with beige bouclé carpets. It also has a little original Becker radio. Chassis number: 202199.

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