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Marca FERRARI Tipo di auto Coupé Guida Sinistra
Modello TESTAROSSA Condizione Usata Trazione -
Versione - Carburante Altro Cambio N/A
Anno 1985 KM 97056 Colore Rosso
Marca FERRARI KM 97056
Modello TESTAROSSA Guida Sinistra
Versione - Carburante Altro
Tipo di auto Coupé Trazione -
Condizione Usata Cambio N/A
Anno 1985 Colore Rosso
Versione -
Anno 1985
Tipo di auto Coupé
Condizione Usata
Guida Sinistra
Trazione -
Carburante Altro
Cambio N/A
KM 97056
Colore Rosso


Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio from January 1985, former car of piano virtuoso Wibi Soerjadi

- From an exclusive car collection
- Former car of famous Dutch pianist Wibi Soerjadi
- Original Ferrari manual available
- Completely re-sprayed including rims (invoice ca. € 15.000,-)
- Major maintenance carried out including timing belt in October 2023
- Coveted and rare 'Monospecchio' and 'Monodado' version
- One of the first examples produced
- Legendary 'Rosso Corsa' colour

Monospecchio: enthusiasts will immediately recognise this name. It is the Italian name for 'single mirror' and concerns the earliest produced series of the legendary Testarossa. A unique feature previously considered mostly impractical but nowadays praised and loved for its rarity. This example was delivered new on 24 January 1985 by 'Crepaldi Auto' in Milan, making it one of the first Testarossas produced. In 1996, the car was imported to the Netherlands and came into the possession of famous piano virtuoso Wibi Soerjadi. Many photos have been published of Soerjadi with his Testarossa. In 2015, the car passed to an exclusive car collection in the Netherlands. The car has been restored to its original condition in recent years, with the bodywork fully and professionally painted. The invoice of almost €15,000 of this is present. Technically too, the car has been excellently cared for. Few kilometres have been driven in recent years, so a major service was carried out in October 2023, during which the timing belts and tensioners were replaced and the engine was fully checked. The car comes with a new MOT. This example is therefore in top condition, as if it rolled out of the factory yesterday.

Our example concerns chassis number ZFFTA17B000054639 and is in factory condition: finished in the iconic colour 'Rosso Corsa' with 'Nero' black leather interior and manual gearbox. In addition to the title 'Monospecchio', the car may carry the title 'Monodado'. This refers to single-bolt 16-inch wheels that came on specimens up to 1988, as opposed to the five-bolt wheels on later specimens. For many enthusiasts, this example is perfectly put together. The tyres, by the way, are as good as new. These features make this Testarossa a very rare and sought-after specimen. Summing up the fact that this example is in excellent condition and has been owned by a celebrity makes this an interesting investment in addition to being a great driver's car!

Below is general information about the Ferrari Testarossa.
The Ferrari Testarossa is a legendary sports car produced between 1984 and 1996. Over the years, the car has become a cultural icon. This is partly because a white example featured prominently in the popular TV show Miami Vice, where it became a symbol of luxury, power and style. It is no wonder, then, that the Testarossa was such a coveted car among the rich and famous. The 4.9-litre V12 mid-engine with 390 hp provided - especially at the time - impressive performance: a top speed of 285 km/h and an acceleration rate of 5.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The unique and spectacular design, with its distinctive folding headlights, wide and low shapes and distinctive air vents comes from Pininfarina. The driving characteristics with the 5-speed manual transmission are, in a word, fantastic. The word Testarossa means 'red head', referring to the valve covers painted red. The word originated in Ferrari's racing history. The Ferrari Testarossa is not only a sports car, but also a GT. Because Ferrari wanted to cater to the older target group, comfort was a high priority. This Testarossa features central door locking, electric windows and well-functioning air conditioning, making it suitable for longer journeys.

Monospecchio, translated to 'single mirror' is characteristic of Testarossas from the early years. The first models were equipped with this single high mirror, but this feature was abolished in 1987 due to the lack of visibility in the mirror. The single mirror came about because legislation in Italy at the time stipulated that rearward visibility should not be obstructed by bodywork parts of the car. Because of the high rear mudguard, the mirror therefore had to be placed very high. The reason for choosing only one mirror is that it would be impossible to see into the other mirror from a normal driving position. This legislation was changed in 1987 so that the mirror could be lowered and a mirror could also be placed on the other side. From 1987, Ferrari therefore applied two regular mirrors. This makes the Monospecchio a rare version of the Testarossa.


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