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Marca MG Tipo di auto Cabrio/Roadster Guida Sinistra
Modello F-Type Condizione Restaurato Trazione Posteriore
Versione ORIGINAL F2 MAGNA Carburante Benzina Cambio Manuale
Anno 1932 KM - Colore Beige
Marca MG KM -
Modello F-Type Guida Sinistra
Versione ORIGINAL F2 MAGNA Carburante Benzina
Tipo di auto Cabrio/Roadster Trazione Posteriore
Condizione Restaurato Cambio Manuale
Anno 1932 Colore Beige
Marca MG
Modello F-Type
Anno 1932
Tipo di auto Cabrio/Roadster
Condizione Restaurato
Guida Sinistra
Trazione Posteriore
Carburante Benzina
Cambio Manuale
KM -
Colore Beige


This MG is a original F2 Magna F1444 reg no MG1921 (not a F1 conversion) registered on the triple m register no 1860 (www.triple-mregister) also on the F2 register run by Ian Ross (www.fmagna.org.uk) recent work on the car - new front apron made by Steve Gilbert s/steel fuel tank also by Steve Gilbert all to original spec new petrol cock supplied by Barry Walker,new exhaust and original horn. The car is in good condition and running order have the old log books,receipts for past works carried out engine rebuild etc. This car has been hidden away in a private collection from the early 1980s. First owner of the car was a James Alexandroff who became a squadron leader in the RAF he purchased the car from a garage in London. The car is in the Leeds/Bradford area. Telephone: 00356 79078457  


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